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SCFC Report
« on: June 01, 2015, 11:42:57 AM »
Attached & below. Please note ACTION ITEM at the end.

SUNYConnect Coordinating & Finance Committee (SCFC) Report
June 2015

SCFC had a conference call on March 18. The main topics of discussion were SUNYConnect core services and what all should be brought to SCLD’s April conference for discussion.

There was another meeting at the SCLD conference but I didn’t find out about it until after it was over. There hasn’t been any communication from SCFC since then that I know of. I found out through non-SCFC channels that a revision to SCLD’s bylaws with regard to the SCFC was passed at their business meeting. SUNYLA will still be represented on the committee, here are the pertinent bits:
    VII) Committees.
    2. SUNYConnect Coordinating & Finance Committee (SCFC)
        b. Membership:
            v. SUNY Librarians Association (SUNYLA) shall have one non-voting member.
        c. Terms
            i. July to June
            ii. Two year
            iii. Maximum two consecutive terms, except OLIS
    (excerpted from the proposal document, SCLD’s website hasn’t been updated yet)

Other SCFC-related issues such as SUNYConnect core services were also on the agenda but, since there hasn’t been any communication, I don’t know what was said or decided or anything. From the same non-SCFC channels, I’ve heard that there was "extensive discussion" regarding core services at the sector meetings. That, unfortunately, is all I know at this time.

***ACTION ITEM:  My 2 consecutive terms as SCFC liaison are done at the end of June. A new liaison needs to be appointed by the President and approved by the Council.

Respectfully submitted,
April Davies