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Professional Development Committee Report
« on: March 10, 2015, 11:14:58 AM »
                                                                     Professional Development Committee Report

The PDC met virtually on Friday, March 6, 2015. The following topics were covered:

I.    Future Activities and Programs

The committee brainstormed ideas for future programming and activities. Possible topics include a brownbag series that may consist of panels and/or practical training.  These programs may be in person (regional locations) or virtual (webinars).  The Co-Chairs will need assistance from the Council to discuss logistics and feasibility of such events as they relate to:

1. Software to handle sign-up and virtual workshops (Does SUNYLA have software in-place?-CLRC is willing to help with this)

2. The issue of archiving documents and/or a link to a Google Doc that the PD Committee can update often. Access to this document would be beneficial to current and future SUNYLA and PD Committee members.
II.   A. Professional Development Grants Subcommittee (Lisa Errico, Chair)

The subcommittee has recently awarded four grants to the following recipients:

Justina Elmore    SUNY Geneseo    (Attend ACRL Conference in Portland, OR)
Emily Mitchell    SUNY Oswego   (Attend LOEX Conference in Denver, CO)
Brandon West   SUNY Oswego   (Attend LOEX Conference in Denver, CO)
Lydia Willoughby   SUNY Plattsburgh   (Attend CritLib Unconference and ACRL in Portland, OR)

As of March 6, 2015, a total of $2,500 has been awarded (five applications) to fund grant requests. Due to the fact that there was a balance of only $500 remaining to fund one more grant application request, the PDC Co-Chairs submitted a request to the SUNYLA Council for the sum  of $2,500 to fund future grant activities until the end of  SUNYLA’ fiscal year.   The request was approved via email vote on 2/10/15.     

B. Conference Awards

i. Dan Kissane and Sylvia Chu Memorial Scholarships (Kim Myers)
 Announcements to apply for the Dan Kissane and Sylvia Chu Memorial Scholarships will be posted on the SUNYLA listserv in the next few weeks.

ii. Friends of SUNYLA (Greg Bobbish)
The time is also approaching to send out a call for nominations for the Friends of SUNYLA Award.

III.   Mentoring Program

The mentoring program has been in place for almost one year.  A small subcommittee was formed to identify possible assessment strategies and goals moving forward.

Respectfully submitted,
Justina Elmore
Katrina Frazier