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Personnel Policies Committee Report - 01/22/15
« on: January 22, 2015, 10:23:13 AM »
Hello there,

The Personnel Policies Committee report is attached, and I have included it here, too, per previous request.

Eugene Harvey

Personnel Policies Committee Report
Eugene J. Harvey

Personnel Policies Committee Meeting – December 5, 2014
Present: Chris Keough, Jill Locascio, Eugene Harvey
Absent: Kevin McCoy

The committee met for the first time via an online Blackboard Collaborate session, and the agenda for that meeting is attached.  Committee members gave introductions of themselves and reasons for being interested in this committee and its anticipated work goals.  The chair discussed a brief history of the SUNYLA Salary Survey as shown on the SUNYLA website, including locations of documents and important elements of survey language.  The committee discussed the need to slightly revise the survey to make it less demanding on data collectors, and discussion of the survey’s variables will continue at the next meeting.  However, major revisions, if any, should not occur; they will be saved for future surveys.  This will enable data to be analyzed and compared to past data.  Participant outreach ideas were debated heartily.  The committee agreed outreach would be crucial, especially to strengthen survey completions at campus libraries.  In turn, a more representative sample of data hopefully can be achieved.

Other ideas for committee work and SUNYLA support were brainstormed quickly, including the need to revisit the purpose of exit surveys, how to better connect to SUNYLA advocacy efforts, and other personnel issues.  Still, the priority will be the completion of the SUNYLA Salary Survey.

SUNYLA Salary Survey (goal to continue)

The development and administration of the SUNYLA Salary Survey will be the committee’s highest short-term priority.  The committee will discuss and strategize its development and deployment across SUNY library systems, with the goal of completion tentatively set for the end of the Spring 2015 semester.  (The current idea/plan is to deploy the survey so it coincides with the collection of academic library data for the IPEDS survey – formerly for the National Center for Education Statistics Academic Library Survey [NCES ALS].)

Exit Surveys

The chair received 5 exit surveys, 4 of which were duplicates, all dated 11/14/14, spanning a few hours of time.  They are included below:

(4 duplicates)
Leaving: Erie Community College   Rank:Professor
 Retiring: yes
 Reasons for leaving:

Name: (Removed to protect anonymity) Leaving: (Removed to protect Anonymity)   Rank: Senior Assistant Librarian
 Retiring: no
 Leaving the profession: NO
 New position: (Removed to protect anonymity)
 Reasons for leaving:
 Salary: I'm getting a significant bump, plus they're paying my moving expenses.
 Technology: They have the resources to really build up their [specific collection].
Support: [This institution’s] budget is getting shaved every year, [the new institution] is investing $48 million in their library.
Tenure: Our tenure requirements are somewhat vague and can be interpreted with varying degrees of rigor depending on the candidate. They have a very objective points system there.

Next PPC Meeting
January 27, 2015
1:00 to 3:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Eugene J. Harvey, MLS, MSW
Chair, SUNYLA Personnel Policies Committee

Personnel Policies Committee Meeting
December 5, 2014

1)  Welcome & Introductions
•   Personal Backgrounds

2)  SUNYLA Salary Survey
•   Historically…
•   Location of Documents on website
•   2006 survey (Appendix A)
•   What do we want?  What do we think about previous surveys and data?
o   should be comparable to much of the previous survey to enable data analysis…but…improvements??
•   Outreach ideas – very important!  Need to follow up to increase representative sample

3)  Other SUNY librarian personnel issues
•   Brainstorming…
•   Prioritization

4)  Exit Survey