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President's Report
« on: November 12, 2014, 12:01:42 PM »
Presidents Report
Some events I have attended as SUNYLA president since last meeting.

Sept. 30 – ALLN metro meeting Katrina

Oct. 6 – Pratt student mixer with their School of Library and Information Science. We brought 50 copies of our brochure, and because there wasn’t enough time to purchase swag, I made SUNYLA labels (Using mailing labels) and wrapped them around Hershey’s chocolates, and used that as give-a-ways. Katrina will give a full report on that.

Sept 22-24 – SCLD Meeting – I was unable to attend. Rebecca attended and she will give a full report.

Nov. 10 – ARCHIVES AND LIBRARY LEADERSHIP NETWORK OF NEW YORK CITY Fall Event “Exploring New Territory for Collective Impact”
SUNYLA’s own Carol Anne Germain was a speaker! Katrina will give more details on this.


I don’ now if you heard by now, but Emily Thompson, our secretary, has accepted a position at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. Rebecca and I are compiling a list of candidates for the secretary position, and be prepared I might be calling on one of you soon! If anyone is interested in this position, please contact me by email. It is a 2 year position that requires you to: attend all of the meetings; send emails announcing the meetings; contact campuses that are hosting the meetings for meeting info; create an agenda for the meeting; and record the minutes. I might have forgotten some things, but I want you to know that it is a big job and a big commitment. But it looks good in a promotion folder!

SUYNLA Virtual conference

The virtual conference team, which consists of:  Michelle Eichelberger, Genesee;  Jill Locascio, SUNY College of Optometry; Rebecca Hyams, SUNY Maritime;  Bill Jones, Geneseo; Lyndsie Robinson, Oneonta;  Rosanne Humes, NCC; has been very busy in a short time. We have finalized our date for the conference; it will be on Friday, January 30th at 10 am. We will be using GotoWebinar. Our title is “DIY Toolbox: Library Innovation on a Shoestring.” We have sent out the call for proposals last week to over 20 different listservs, and we already have a few proposals. The deadline for submission is Monday, December 1, 2014.