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FACT2 update
« on: November 14, 2014, 09:45:59 AM »
FACT2 liaison report for SUNYLA November 2014
Logan Rath, FACT2 liaison •

Upcoming events
May 26 - 29 • CIT 2015 @ Geneseo - CFP now open.

"Protect, Use and Share Content in Online Education" on 11/7/14.  Streaming links:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Task Groups
Competency Based Learning
Define Competency Based Learning ( Addendum – definition submitted to State Ed)
Identify impacts/benefits that Competency Based Learning will have on campuses, for SUNY, Accreditation & State Ed.
Complete an environmental scan of higher education institutions using Competency Based Learning (within the system and beyond)
Explore impacts on employees within workforce development
Explore the implications on faculty role within Competency Based Learning and how the role of faculty will evolve.

Interactive Content in Teaching & Learning
Explore and research the ways that interactive content affects teaching and learning.
Identify Innovative uses of Interactive content  and propose services and tools (open source & purchased) that enhance interactive engagement in teaching and learning for all stakeholders.
Provide faculty members with best practices and examples of pedagogically appropriate uses of interactive technologies.

Mobile Technology in Teaching and Learning Goals
Collect information on effective educational uses of mobile technology
Identify and disseminate information on pedagogical implications, effective practices and technology support
Assist campuses in transitioning to providing support of continuously evolving mobile technology, especially in a BYOD environment
Develop mechanisms for sharing best practices
Assist in developing a SUNY community of practice for users of mobile technology
Assist in developing a SUNY community of practice for those that support mobile technology
Identify and disseminate information concerning ongoing trends in the use of mobile technologies in education

New Task Group Proposal (led by Mark McBride)
Task Group: Scholarly Communication in the 21st Century
Charge: Look at the different models of scholarly publication in academe. Determine if any disciplines are more embracing of newer models of scholarly publications, especially as it relates to promotion and tenure and do an analysis of different models of Open Access publishing.

Innovative Instruction Technology Grants
Subcommittee worked with Provost Lavallee to create and refined the RFP in support of Power of SUNY Innovative Instruction and later Open SUNY.  Continues to play an instrumental role in support of proposal review.

SCAP Program
 Subcommittee worked with Office of the Provost for nearly 20 years in support of funds distribution and oversight of the Student Computing Access Program (SCAP).  Reviewed final reports and consolidated to report outcomes re: student computing and later mobile device experimentation and adoption.  (Program funding later supported launch of IITG).

FACT2 Awards
Subcommittee created an online process to review nominations for teaching excellence and instructional support in for Open SUNY.

System Updates
New provost: Dr. Alexander N. Cartwright
New Associate Vice Chancellor/Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Student Success: Dr. Paul Mathers
Responsible for leading the effort for 100,000 additional students
New Chief Financial Officer: Eileen G. McLoughlin
SUNYCON 2014 sessions available online.
POSAC minutes (Provost’s OpenSUNY Advisory Committee)
Affordable Learning Solutions (OERs)
New Network of Excellence: Teaching, Learning & Assessment
With $4 million in funding provided by the Research Foundation, SUNY has launched six Networks of Excellence. These are: SUNY 4E, SUNY Health, SUNY Brain, SUNY Materials & Advanced  Manufacturing, SUNY Arts and Humanities, SUNY Teaching, Learning and Assessment. Each network assembles scientists and scholars from the various SUNY campuses to collaborate in topic-specific, joint research programs to enhance the experiential learning of students. By bringing together the diverse expertise present on each campus into a collective network, SUNY can better position itself to become a national and international leader in research, competing for grants, and educating tomorrow’s workforce.

CIT 2015 • May 26 - 29, 2015 at SUNY Geneseo

Call for Proposals now open:
Themes and Tracks
Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
21st Century Learning Environments
The Open Educator
Access, Completion, and Success
Keeping the Lights On: Infrastructure & Support

Session Formats
Presentations (30 mins.)
Panels (75 mins. <2 presenters)
Ignite Session (6:40 mins.)
Posters (90 mins.)
Birds of a Feather (75 mins.)
Special Interest Group (75 mins.)
Hands on Demo (75 mins. in a lab)
Pre Conference Workshops (3 hours and held on Tuesday)

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