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President's Report
« on: June 05, 2014, 03:13:50 PM »
Below & attached.
SUNYLA President’s Report
June 11, 2014

Here’s what’s been happening since our March meeting:
•   It’s official—2015 Conference, SUNY Purchase, June 3-5.  Carrie Marten has been elected 2ndVP/Conference Chair, Susanne Markgren volunteered to be Local Arrangements Chair
•   I got all the Salary Survey info from Pam O’Sullivan and passed it on to Eugene Harvey. The project then went on hold again because he had knee surgery and was out for several weeks. I think the whole thing needs a reboot; there are too many gaps in the data and it has been delayed for too long. Something for Rosanne’s to-do list.
•   Speaking of Rosanne… you all know that Alvin Dantes left SUNY and thus his position with SUNYLA. I put together a special election last month and I’m pleased to say that Rosanne Humes is our new 1stVP/Prez-Elect. She’ll take over as President at the end of the conference and Rebecca Hyams will then begin her term as 1stVP.
•   I’ve continued to serve on the UUP A-48 Advisory Committee, which is looking at “issues of concern to librarians,” as was called for in the new contract. We had one additional in-person meeting on April 25 but have done the rest of our work online.
     o   An online survey is up and running right now aimed at all UUP-represented librarians and library professionals
     o   We also want input from the Community College sector. Send to:
     o   A formal letter went to SCLD letting them know what we’re up to. We want to keep the directors in the loop and (hopefully) supportive of the process.
•   And speaking of SCLD… I attended the SCLD Spring Conference April 29-May 1 in Cooperstown. It was a good conference overall. Things that might be of interest to SUNYLA:
     o   EDS API for building custom reading lists and embedding in Moodle/Blackboard/etc. is cool
     o   Carey Hatch and the crew at OLIS are very interested in what SCLD and the SUNY library community want OLIS to be/do in the future? Retirements are looming, systems/technologies are changing, etc.
     o    SCLD endorsed the I2NY manifesto re: Enhancing access to research databases
     o    NY3Rs ebook pilot is entering phase 3; contact Sheryl Knab at WNYLRC if you want in. Info online:
     o      NY3Rs also exploring a consortial streaming video pilot through Kanopy. Contact Sheryl Knab for info.
     o      Funding model for IDS will be changing, not sure how yet
     o      Elsevier negotiations are proceeding, doctoral sector is taking the lead, expect it to cost more.
     o      There was some discussion about EDL (LAND) but no decisions
     o      SCLD Fall meeting will probably be in Rochester, dates TBD

•   Officer travel for 2014-15, request allocation of $1000 for the year

Respectfully submitted,
April C. Davies