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President's report
« on: November 07, 2010, 03:48:04 PM »
SUNYLA Executive Council Meeting - November 19, 2010

President’s Report

SCLD Executive Board Meeting – September 29, 2010

I attended the SCLD Executive Board Meeting on September 29, 2010 at the Gideon Putnam Resort in Saratoga.  At that meeting, a full day was spent in brainstorming and crafting a framework for the basis of the SUNY libraries Strategic Plan.  During the second day, the sectors separated and submitted more detailed and specific goals for SUNY libraries.  A summary of the work done at that meeting is available at .

Distinguished Librarian Rank:

A letter was drafted by the SCLD Executive Council to Robert Kraushaar, the Vice Provost of Academic Programs and Planning, regarding the Distinguished Librarian Rank.  They suggested that, rather than “water down” the criteria for the rank to encourage more applicants, the guidelines for the rank be amended to include SUNY’s community college librarians as well as librarians at state operated campuses.  They further suggested that a designation be created that is equal to the Distinguished Services Professorship or Distinguished Teaching Professorship.  Such a designation would have the option of being an “honorific distinction or a change in faculty rank”, as specified in the guidelines for those professorships.

NYLink update:

There are about ten NYLink staff left; they will stay through June of 2011. 

LAND update: 

A steering committee has been formed to look into delivery options.  Members are Ed Rivenburgh (IDS), Gary Thompson (ConnectNY), Loretta Ebert (New York State Library), Mary Beth Krupczak (New York State Library Division of Library Development), Carey Hatch (SUNY Office of Library & Information Services), Curtis Kendrick (CUNY), John Shaloiko (Reference and Research Library Resources Systems-NY3Rs), and Kathleen Gundrum (Nylink).  The current contract is scheduled to expire in December, but will probably be extended until at least June.  They will attempt to extend the current LAND contract through June 2012 to allow ample time for a new RFP to be implemented.

OCLC update:   

OCLC is in discussion with the New York Office of General Services (OGS) to provide services through a state contract; Sky River is also vying for a contract.  SCLD will be meeting with OCLC to discuss options, and will be keeping in touch with CUNY and the State Library to try and negotiate the best deal.

Respectfully submitted,

Angela Weiler
SUNYLA President