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Membership Development Committee Report
« on: March 20, 2014, 04:19:55 PM »
The committee work for the most part has been focused on the annual conference membership social.  The social will be very much like the one we had at FIT, which everyone seemed to enjoy.  Plan for music, drinks, appetizers and plenty of conversation. 

I've continued to housekeeping on the membership directory.   I have been working with members who have had questions about their memberships.

Here is a breakdown of our membership at this moment:

current memberships:                            131
new members for 2014:                            5
total number of delegates                        45
delegates with current memberships       24

I just want to remind/reinforce that in order to get the membership rates for the annual conference, folks need to have a current membership (2014).  I am happy to field any questions about memberships.  I've been working closely with Greg on this.