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President's Report
« on: March 19, 2014, 01:26:05 PM »
SUNYLA President’s Report
March 21, 2014

Here are the highlights of what I’ve been up to since we met in November.
•   It’s not official yet but it looks like the 2015 Conference will be June 3-5 at SUNY XXXXXXXX (I’m not putting the name in writing/out on the web until it’s final).
    o   There’s a meeting between people from the library and their campus rentals person next week to confirm.
    o   NYSLAA usually has their conference that week. I checked with them; they haven’t finalized anything yet and told me to go ahead.
•   I made several edits to the Manual of Duties and Responsibilities and the Bylaws. The proposed changes were sent to the Council last week for review. Assuming they are all approved, the ones to the Bylaws will also have to go on the ballot for approval by the membership.
•   In February, someone asked me if SUNYLA could get involved with the state contract expirations for all our book vendors. I did some digging and reported my findings (such as they were) on the SUNYLA listserv. Earlier this week I got a follow-up email from OGS on this issue and I shared that news as well. Bottom line: contract extensions through the end of 2014 were approved.
    o   I think (I repeat, think) that many of the vendors are looking to negotiate a whole new contract for 2015 on. Let’s hope that proceeds in a timely fashion and we don’t end up in the same situation come next year.
•   I attended the OpenSUNY Summit (Dec. 5, Albany) sponsored by SCLD. It was great to see so many SUNY librarians there, sharing their ideas and energy to move OpenSUNY forward in a positive way. Some initiatives grew out of that work and more than 30 librarians have signed up to work on them.
    o   A key one for SUNYLA is the Taskforce on Information Literacy. SCLD would like to coordinate with WGIL on this. I anticipate that this will be headed by someone from WGIL.
•   I was asked to serve on the UUP A-48 Advisory Committee, which is looking at “issues of concern to librarians,” as was called for in the new contract. Other members: Dan Harms, John Schumacher, Valerie Mittenberg, Jason Torre, Dan Kinney, Jamie Dangler. The group met in person on Feb. 3 and Mar. 7 in Albany. I’ll let Dan Harms take the lead in sharing information since he’s our UUP Liaison but everyone should be on the lookout for announcements and information gathering efforts in the near future.
•   SUNY’s lovely accreditors (Middle States or MSCHE) released a draft of their new guidelines from which Information Literacy has pretty much vanished. I shared this information via the general SUNYLA list and was surprised at how few people commented. Someone shared the news on the SCLD list and got the same result. Ah well.
•   I also participated in a number of conference calls but I don’t think any of them need details at this point. I’m happy to answer any questions if they come up.
    o   NYSHEI Board, Jan. 23
    o   SCLD-EB, Dec. 11, Jan. 28, Mar. 17
    o   I2NY task force, Dec. 9

Upcoming thus far:
•   UUP A-48 Committee, April 25
•   SCLD Spring Conference, April 29-May 1, Cooperstown
•   SUNYLA Annual Conference!

•   Vote on Bylaws changes
•   Vote on Manual changes

Respectfully submitted,
April C. Davies