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PDC Report
« on: November 19, 2013, 03:12:59 PM »
The PDC meet virtually on 11/12/13. It was a very productive meeting! The following topics were covered:

I.   Restructuring

A. Professional Development Grants (Susan Perry, Chair)
This is a very active subcommittee. It will remain “as is.” A grant in the amount of $500 was awarded to Catherine Dillon of SUNY Binghamton.  A subcommittee member would like to know if there is a list of past grant recipients.

B. Conference Awards (Kathyrn Johns-Masten, Chair)
Members of this subcommittee will seek nominations for both the Sylvia Chu and Dan Kissane Scholarships. This will eliminate the need for two separate chairpersons for each scholarship and hopefully improve the applicant pool for the Dan Kissane Scholarship.

C. Friends of SUNYLA (Co-Chairs of PDC)

The Co-Chairs of PDC will coordinate the Friends of SUNYLA Award via SUNYLA-l.  We are seeking input for recommendations.

II.   Funding/Annual Requests

The PDC would like to get a recommendation as to how much we should allocate for the Sylvia Chu and Dan Kissane Scholarships and the Friends of SUNYLA Award. According to Justina Elmore, nine recipients received the Sylvia Chu Scholarship last year.  The PDC believes that this number should be scaled down to no more than two recipients for SUNYLA 2014.
III.   List of Subcommittee Members

The official list contains 20 names as of 11/19/13.

IV.   Programs/Projects for 2014

Ideas such as a conference session event regarding Best Practices, tenure, PD for particular specialties, round tables and a PD brown bag series were discussed.

V.   Meeting

Our next meeting will be held in December.  The topics of the December meeting will include developing our programming/planning ideas and using Google Forms to streamline applications.

Respectfully submitted,
Katrina Frazier