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President's Report
« on: November 17, 2013, 08:12:28 PM »
Below and attached.
SUNYLA President’s Report
November 20, 2013

Here’s what I’ve been up to since we met in September.
•  I attended SCLD’s Fall Meeting in Purchase Oct. 3-4.
   -  There was further discussion regarding an OpenSUNY event and the group formally approved it. Since then, the date has been set for Dec. 5 at the Downtown Hilton in Albany. A ‘save the date’ went out on Nov. 12; a full announcement is forthcoming and should be out before our meeting. This event promises to be a great opportunity to harness the energy and expertise of librarians throughout SUNY. As I said in my last report, “You take a couple of librarians from each campus, get the ideas bouncing around and, before you know it, actual progress is made.”
   -  As expected, they approved the merger of the two SUNYConnect committees (SCC & SFC) back into one. It will now be the SCFC (SUNYConnect Coordinating & Finance Committee) and will have one SUNYLA representative, non-voting. Part of me wishes they’d just gone back to the original name and acronym, ah well.
   -  SCLD also agreed to co-sponsor regional meetings for the One Bib project along with OLIS. As a member of that task force, I attended the Nov. 8 event at HVCC. There are a few more coming up if anyone is interested, see:
•  Jason Kramer invited me to attend NYSHEI’s Oct. 24 Board Meeting on behalf of SUNYLA. It was interesting to get a look at the inner workings of NYSHEI, and it was my first visit to the NY State Library so that was cool in and of itself. I’m sure Jason will have a report for everyone so I won’t detail all the things that NYSHEI is working on at present but I am pleased to report that the push for state-level OA continues.
•  I’ve been invited to be on an I2NY (Information Infrastructure for New York State) task force on Innovative Staffing and Professional Development. SUNYLA was not mentioned as the reason but I’m guessing that’s at least part of it. The first meeting will be Dec. 9 via conference call. We’ll see what happens from there.
•  As promised in my last report, I’m cleaning up our Manual of Duties and Responsibilities. There might be some changes to the Bylaws as well. I’ll have suggested changes to everyone well in advance of the March meeting so they can be voted on at that time, though any bylaws changes will also have to go on the ballot for approval by the membership.

Another thing I’m working on now is finding a conference location for 2015. I’ve had some passive interest from a couple places but I want something more definite. I’d really like to get this settled in the next couple of months. So, everyone, think about it… how would you like to have the SUNYLA conference at YOUR campus in 2015? We can make that happen. Call me.

Upcoming thus far:
•  OpenSUNY Summit, Dec. 5, Albany
•  I2NY task force conference call, Dec. 9
•  SUNYLA Council Meeting, March 21, UAlbany
•  SCLD Spring Conference, April 29-May 1, Cooperstown

Respectfully submitted,
April C. Davies