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WGIL Update
« on: November 17, 2013, 06:06:02 PM »
An update of WGIL activities:

1. WGIL Taskforce - WGIL was tasked with creating a group to look at potential changes to the SUNY General Education Information Management Competency.  Carleen Huxley has graciously agreed to lead this group of WGIL and non-WGIL members and will be providing an update during this meeting.

2. 3Ts Report: A History of 3Ts Funding. Document is attached and available online ( - In short, 3Ts has never received funding or support from SUNYLA.  :)

3. WGIL Membership? - There appears to be no existing database of past or current WGIL members. 

4. OpenSUNY/SUNY Libraries One Day Conference in Albany - I will be attending this event as WGIL chair.


Mike Daly