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Carleen Huxley:
Please add your campus updates to this thread.

Karen Ferington:
News from the NCCC Archives is that archived student newspapers are now available online.  The student newspaper has been around for 50 years and it has had 3 unique titles?  The newspaper was called Entricy Herald (1964-1968); Old Weird Herald (1969-1971); and The Spirit (1972 – present). If you are wondering about that first title, “Entricy” is short for “N Triple C”.

Newspapers held in the NCCC Archives from 1964-1992 have been digitized and loaded on the New York Heritage Digital Collections website.  Taking a look back, you’ll find articles on campus life, sports, college curricula, social events, and local news as well as national events during those years.  You’ll also find names of faculty, students, administrators, and alumni, in addition to national celebrities who have spoken on campus. Karen Ferington is spear-heading this project in her role as Catalog/Archives Librarian. 

Phase 1 of the digitization project (1964-1992) is completed and phase 2 (1993–2013) is projected to be done in 2014.

To explore the NCCC Student Newspapers Collection online:
     Go to:   

Renovations continue on the library’s main floor as we move closer to a Learning Commons with new carpeting, new furniture, and new spaces for a number of student services.  Mary Beth Morse, Circulation Librarian, is busy purchasing materials to be put on Course Reserves for students in the Learning Commons to use.  A Perkins Grant will make materials in these subject areas available:  medical assisting, phlebotomy, science, hospitality and tourism. 

We also have a new charging station in our Reference area to make it convenient for students to re-charge their phones and other electronic devices while in the library. 

Carleen Huxley:
JCC was chosen as a recipient for the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.  Our library director, Connie Holberg and another faculty member from the social sciences put on a very successful week long programming event from Nov. 11 to Nov. 15, related to the themes represented by the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf Collection.  You can read more about it here.

The Library's own Megan Trigg won the Quilt Barn contest! Her beautiful design was chosen by Acting President Thatcher and other members of the SUNY Cobleskill administration. Once painted, it will be mounted on one of the campus barns for all to enjoy. See our FB page for a look at Megan's design (

The 40th Anniversary edition of The Library Cookbook is selling well. Contact me if you want a copy or three, only $5 each.

SUNY Cobleskill's EOP office moved into the Library last year which allowed for closer collaboration with the various academic support services housed here. Now they're moving from the 3rd floor down to the lower level where they will share space directly with those areas. The only exception is the Writing Center which will move back up to the 3rd floor where it started several years ago. A good series of moves for all parties.

Patrick Patterson:
During the fall semester we have continued our implementation of the EBSCO Discovery Service, A to Z, and LinkSource products. Last week SUNY Potsdam hosted one of the shared catalog/single bib project meetings.  The majority of the people attending where from Potsdam and other people from other regionally campus also attended. 

During this past summer the College Archivist left for a position at another institution.  At the moment the college is unable to higher a full time archivist; However, part time coverage is being provided 10 hours a week.

In the first two months of the semester a new game was introduced called Library Quest for FY100 Students to learn about the resources available at the libries.  This game replaced a one day event that was held in previous years.  Before starting the Library Quest students were asked to watch a short video.  You can view the video on YouTube by going to the following link


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