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IDS Report


Logan Rath:
The IDS Combined Regional User Group will be July 31 followed by the Annual Conference on August 1st and 2nd. For more information, see

Also, IDS will be updating the ALIAS Licensing Database again this summer. Many thanks to all the volunteers!

About IDS
The IDS Project is a mutually supportive resource-sharing cooperative within New York State whose members include public and private academic libraries, the New York Public Library, and the New York State Library. The Project is based on a strong sense of community among its members and a unified collection perspective. The major goal of the Project is to continually implement and objectively evaluate innovative resource-sharing strategies, policies and procedures that will optimize mutual access to the information resources of all IDS Project libraries. Member libraries sign annual contracts committing to a common set of performance standards. There is an annual membership fee of $700.

As libraries continue to face tightening budgets, resource sharing becomes an increasingly important service. A 2008 recipient of the Rethinking Resource Sharing Innovation Award, the IDS Project offers a resource sharing model that can help libraries maintain efficient and effective information delivery services for their users. The IDS Project is committed to providing improvements to the entire resource sharing community through the ongoing development of innovative tools and promotion of best practices.


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