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1stVP Report
« on: June 07, 2013, 04:15:19 PM »
SUNYLA 1st VP Report
June 12, 2013

Since our last meeting, the most interesting SUNYLA-related activity I have to report is attending the SUNY Council of Library Directors meeting in April. Here’s what stands out in my memory and my notes:
•    The new structure of having two SUNYConnect committees (Coordinating (SCC) and Financial (SFC)) does not appear to be working effectively. There has been some mission creep and communication issues. It was recommended to make them into one committee and perhaps change the structure/composition somewhat.
•    OLIS gave an update on their many activities including: config updates in Aleph to accommodate RDA tags; the One BIB and Discovery task forces; Open SUNY (yet another thing for Carey Hatch to be in charge of).
•    There were updates on the work that is resulting from various IITG grants such as E-Textbooks and Open SUNY Textbooks (personally, I find the Open SUNY Textbooks effort very interesting).
•    The three sectors met for discussion on several topics including:
     o    a proposal to revise the pricing structure for Empire Delivery Service (2 approved, 1 did not)
     o    recommendations from the Discovery Task Force (2 approved, 1 did not—I think, my notes are fuzzy here)
     o    Science Direct
     o    Shared Services
     o    Open SUNY

There will probably be some SCLD Executive Board conference calls this summer before the full group meets again sometime in the fall. Hopefully both I and Alvin, as incoming 1st VP, will be able to attend.

Other stuff:
•    Fredonia has a new delegate, Sara Parme. She’ll be at the conference so everybody say hi. And be nice.  :)
•    The Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York, Inc. (ART) gave me an honorary membership to ART so I could share information with SUNYLA. A very nice gesture on their part.

•    Proposed meeting dates for the coming year, locations TBD: Sept. 20; Nov. 22; March 21; June (conference, Albany). We had an additional meeting this year in January; I’m ok doing so again if the group wishes, perhaps on the 24th.

Respectfully submitted,
April C. Davies