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1stVP Report
« on: September 02, 2010, 09:39:25 AM »
Report below, and attached.

SUNYLA 1st VP Report
Sept. 10, 2010

Two main things are on the horizon just now.

1.  Working with delegates:  I want to work on fostering communication amongst the delegates and between that group and the Association as a whole. One key element for this will be finding out what the delegates want from SUNYLA, as pertains to that role, and then seeing how I can help make that happen. A good start was made last spring with an online delegate discussion so I’m optimistic about the possibilities.

2.  SCLD fall meeting:  I’ll be attending the upcoming SCLD meeting along with our new president. I’ll be standing in for Cobleskill’s Dean as well. Between the two roles, it should be an interesting experience. I hope to pick up some good information for SUNYLA and our members.

Respectfully submitted,
April C. Davies