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LACUNY report
« on: March 22, 2013, 12:49:03 PM »
From: Kimmy Szeto, Liaison to LACUNY
To: SUNYLA Council
Date: March 22, 2013

LACUNY is doing a lot of good work on its governance. There has been a marked increase in membership in the past year. Expect to see more news and activities in the near future.

The announcements below are for two of LACUNY's annual events:

(1) LACUNY Institute. This year's conference focuses on the library's role in community outreach and grassroots involvement.

(2) LACUNY Dialogues. This year's open discussion forum will center on the topic of faculty status for academic librarians.

As always, LACUNY welcomes SUNY colleagues' participation. If you are interested in attending, presenting, or making an announcement at any LACUNY group or list, free feel to let me know, or contact the person in charge directly.

More information about LACUNY can be found at

LACUNY Institute
April 5, 2013 at John Jay College of Criminal Justice

LACUNY's annual conference, LACUNY Institute, "Libraries, Information, and the Right to the City," will take place on April 5, 2013 at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The goal of the 2013 institute is to create a dialogue about how library and information professionals can (or should) move beyond being guarantors of access and become engaged in communities’ production of knowledge. The keynote speakers are Christine Pawley, former director of the School of Library and Information Studies, University of Wisconsin – Madison and historian of print culture in America, and Jessa Lingel, doctoral student at Rutgers and author of “Occupy Wall Street and the myth of the technological death of the library.”

Registration information will be forthcoming. Check back to

LACUNY Dialogues
May 10, 2013 at the Graduate Center, Segal Theatre

The 2013 LACUNY Dialogues will be on "The History and Future of Library Faculty Status." Robert Farrell (Lehman College) and John Drobnicki (York College) will be giving two brief presentations and Danielle Becker will be moderating the discussion.

Overview of Discussion: Although faculty status for CUNY librarians was gained in the 1960s, the history surrounding that achievement and its subsequent implications remain obscure to many both within and outside the libraries. The 2013 LACUNY Dialogues will consider the past and future of library faculty status, the challenge of maintaining faculty status and its correlate benefits, and the possibility and potential consequences of achieving full parity with faculty in other academic departments. Topics for discussion will include:

 * What can we learn from our history?
 * The nature of faculty work in libraries
 * Writing with one hand tied behind your back scholarship on 4 to 6 weeks of leave a year.
 * Faculty counselors: a cautionary tale?
 * Library faculty status at other institutions.
 * Junior faculty reassigned time for research, do people get it?