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Presidents Report
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SUNYLA Presidents Report – January 17, 2013


NYSHEI and SUNYLA have signed a Statement of Cooperation, with the intent of Furthering the interests and goals of both organizations. Both I and Sarah (1stVP/Pres. Elect) signed the agreement, as well as Jason from NYSHEI.
As per the agreement, Jason will be attending our meetings and giving us reports. He will also be writing articles for the SUNYLA Newsletter. He will also be attending our conferences each June, and we will provide him with a space/table.
I will have attached a copy of the agreement here, and I will be sending the original to the archives.


Sarah and I attended the Advocacy Summit of the Academic and Research Library Community sponsored by NYSHEI and held in Albany on December 6, 2012.

Other groups that attended were NYSL, NY3Rs, NYLA, NYSHEI, ENY ACRL, CCCL, CUNY OLS, UNY SLA, ConnectNY, ASLS of NYLA, NELLCO, SCLD, & UNYOC.

The purpose of the meeting, as always, is to find ways to work together and support each other’s missions. The point was made that as groups we need to communicate and work together to increase our strengths and decrease overlap.

Jason discussed the state budget and the federal budget mentioning that  Hurricane Sandy will make the budget situation worse than before. The deficit for next year is expected to grow to $1B without considering the impact of Sandy. It’s expected that there is going to be even less state money to go around next year than this year.

Each group reported on projects that they were working on. Sarah discussed the ILST Certificate Program.

Bernie Margolis, NYSL, had a lot to say. His biggest “idea” was that we as a group should start creating our own databases (he used Opposing Viewpoints as an example of what he would like to see librarians create.) There was a lot of discussion on this, and most of the group did not agree that our mission was to ‘create’ databases.

SCLD was asked about their decision to split from NYSHEI. Some groups around the table indicated that their libraries still planned on supporting NYSHEI on their own.

NYLA and NYSHEI both discussed the possibility of NYSHEI becoming an arm of NYLA. The Executive Director of NYLA also said that NYLA wanted to get more involved with being and advocate for academic libraries.

There was talk among the groups about Discovery products, and LACUNY seemed especially interested in the state going for a statewide discovery system.


At my request, Logan has added a section in the SUNYLA website, called ‘Council Area’ . Once you click on it, and enter the username a password, you can use the drop down ‘View Committee Interest’ to see who has expressed an interest to join a committee. I request that all committee chairs use this function to contact people who have show a desire to be part of your group. Logan and I discussed the idea of whether we needed to change the password for the area, and we decided to bring it to the group.

Next Meeting Date

Our next meeting will take place at Buffalo State, on Friday March 22, 2013.

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