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Treasurer's Report
« on: January 15, 2013, 01:08:35 PM »
 :o I present to you the longest Treasurer's report ever:

1. The 2012 annual report is attached. Our balance after all major expenses prior to the two conferences is $6015.32. So, we're not broke, but a slightly larger buffer would be nice.

2. I just submitted the e-postcard to the IRS stating that we normally make less than $50,000 in gross receipts per year. The IRS definition of "normally" is that we average less than $50,000 over the past 3 years. The e-postcard was accepted, so no more filing for this year. For those interested, the past 3 years' gross receipts were:

2010: $19,128.51
2011: $10,129.53
2012: $63,343.32 (Unfortunately the forum software doesn't provide a smiley bowing to Carol Anne...)

The average of those three years is $30,867.32, so we're good even though last year we went over. However, if anyone plans on making more than $76,000 next year, we'll need to hire an accountant to file taxes. :)

3. Proposed schedule for depositing membership checks/request for clarity/policy on sending out renewal reminders.

a. I will be depositing membership checks and updating newly paid members in the database on the first business day of each month. I will also update   
paypal memberships on that day.

This is in the hopes that members will know when to expect their payments to be processed, so they don't worry that they've been lost, and to spare 
myself, the membership chair, and others the work of tracking down random payments one at a time.

So that members know this, I would like to suggest adding the following wording to the Join SUNYLA page 
under the phrase "Payment via the Paypal link when you register is also an option.":

"NOTE: Payments will be processed on the first business day of each month. "

b. I would like to request that reminders about renewing your membership only be sent out at specific times each year. I'll suggest the beginning of
January and the end of July (after conference memberships are processed), but I'm open to any dates, as long as they're consistent. I would also like to 
request that any SUNYLA-wide reminders be sent only by the membership chair, and that the membership chair notify the treasurer when this is going to 

The goal of these requests is that I be able to verify that all payments received in whatever format have been processed before the reminder goes
out, so that members don't contact me frantically thinking that their payment has been lost, when in fact, it's sitting on my desk waiting to be processed.

Comments or alternate ideas are welcome!