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Publications Committee Report
« on: January 10, 2013, 03:18:03 PM »
(I am posting this early, before the committee reviews it, because I may not be able to do it next week.)


Committee activities:
1) During the SUNYLA meeting, 11/16/2012, the executive council discussed having the Publications Committee become more active in managing the SUNYLA facebook and twitter accounts.  At this point no additional action has been taken.

2) The committee voted unanimously to send the $677 in our account back to the main SUNLA account, since we are no longer incurring printing costs.

3) The call for submissions to the February 2013 newsletter went out.  Elizabeth Andrews (Potsdam) will collect the submissions; email her at: .  (They were due on January 15, 2013.)

Jennifer Little Kegler (Brockport)
Chair, Publications Committee
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