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Ken Fujiuchi:
It looks like the switch came a little earlier than I expected. Here is the link for the SUNYLA Virtual Meeting. Due to technical difficulties early on, we had to switch to Brockports Adobe Connect:

You should see a link to join the session, as well as a link to the support page, where you can test out your computer to make sure that you meet the requirements. Here is a direct link to the BB Collaborate support pate:

I made the meeting start at 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. just to have a buffer before and after the meeting.

I can't connect to the meeting. When I try it says Ken F. is already connected and it won't let me connect in. Any suggestions on how to connect to the meeting?

It's telling me the same thing - Ken F. is logged in so I can't log in.

I tried on my phone too, with the iOS app, and it told me my username was already in use, regardless of what I tried changing it to.

Kristy Lee:
I am having the same problem here at New Paltz.  Kristy Lee

I, too, am having this issue. Tracy


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