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Presidents Report
« on: November 13, 2012, 11:55:48 AM »
SUNYLA President’s Report – November 12, 2012

SUNY Council of Library Directors (SCLD)

I attended the Fall meeting of the SUNY Council of Library Directors, on Oct. 14-15, 2012, at FIT in Manhattan.
Sunday’s meeting was divided into sectors and I went to the Community College Sector meeting. The following items were discussed:

•   Shared electronic nusing ebook collection. Survey will be sent after thanksgiving to see interest from community colleges.
•   Empire Delivery service – smaller community colleges stated they could not afford to pay the 3rs 2500 a year. They would like to see regional ill processing centers. The sector endorsed a motion for tiered pricing for delivery service.
•   Sector endorsed the Single Bib initiative

Comprehensives Sector Report

The Comprehensives put a motion (that was not voted on) that SCLD will organize a taskforce charged with developing SUNY Library strategies that focus on content curation and other services to support Open SUNY.

Doctoral Section Report

•   University of Buffalo will investigate the possiblty of their college being a repository for ‘last copies’.
•   Content fee discussion has progressed. The provost is still interested in a content fee and would like to see it as part of the tech fee structure.  It should be collected centrally and sent to SUNY.  This fee would be used to acquire a set list of resources that John Schumacher has assembled from SCLD librarians. At present John has a wish list worth $9,000,000.  Carey discussed how this would work through the budget office.  This would be for university centers and comprehensive colleges, and not for the community colleges.  
Monday’s Agenda

Monday’s meeting began with Carey and John discussing the formation of the Single
Bib and Discovery Tool Task Force’s. (john can speak on this at the meeting if he would like!)

Jason Kramer, NYSHEI, spoke to the group outlining his 2013 plan (the same one he gave to us at our Sept. meeting) and then mentioned that he was in talks with NYLA to merge with them in lobbying efforts. I’m not sure what this means – but perhaps someone else who was at the meeting can help clarify this (John?)

Then, a lively discussion on NYSHEI took place (see motion below).

There was a discussion on what makes a core service.

During the business meeting the following motion and was and passed:

Be it resolved that NYSHEI membership will no longer be a core service of    SUNYConnect, and that after January 31, 2013, SUNY libraries may choose to continue their memberships individually.

NYLA Conference

 I did not get to attend the conference due to Hurricane Sandy.


I have appointed Jennifer Kegler, SUNY Brockport, Chair of the Newsletter Committee.


Advocacy Summit – Sarah and I will be attending the Advocacy Summit sponsored by NYSHEI on Dec. 6, 2012.

Next meeting dates

We will discuss possible dates and venues at our Nov. meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
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