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1st VP's report
« on: November 08, 2012, 06:25:27 PM »
Logan got the form to include a spot for adding a donation to the Professional Development fund, and showed me how to pull a report of all the people with unpaid dues. I sent out emails to them. In the process I've discovered a handful of people who have retired and don't want to be contacted again, so Wendy is removing them from the database. Also some (more) confusion from people who paid in May and thought their membership would last until next May. And some out of date email addresses. Another issue that's come up - if you've moved from one campus to another, both your old and your new delegate can find out your member number for you.

Some emails bounced. I am going to be trying to get up to date contact info for those people.

No new delegates this quarter.

EDIT: I would like to have a conversation about setting up a fund raiser to restore a nice cushion to our bank account. I was thinking bake sales to coincide with and Spring Semester finals might work because it is pretty simple to set up and gives us plenty of lead time. What do you think?
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