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Membership Development Committee report
« on: September 18, 2012, 04:04:40 PM »
As of Sept. 18, 2012, there are 70 members in SUNYLA with current memberships.  There are 37 members pending payment confirmation in the directory.  Among those are 16 new members, including one delegate.  In SUNYLA, there are 65 delegate positions; 46 delegates have been identified so far and 17 are currently members.

Committee activities:
We have gotten very good feedback about the the membership social at the conference at FIT this past June.  The vendor who sponsors the social was VERY happy and said that the social was exactly what they had hoped for.  I've heard that the vendor said this on several occasions during the course of the conference.  That was good to hear.

There have been a few questions about memberships expirations but I still need to confirm that the information from the conference is up to date in the directory before I am confident about the membership numbers.  I have begun cleaning up one of the tables but still need to confer with Greg and Logan about some of the entries.