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SCC/SFC report


From the SUNYConnect Coordinating Committee... they have endorsed the plan for the Emerging Technologies (or whatever it's being called now) certificate that Logan has been working on. They'd like SUNYLA's endorsement as well (which we may have already given at the March meeting, I don't remember).

From both SCC and the SUNYConnect Financial Committee... the SUNYOne project is a go as an opt-in and prices have been set for the various campuses. 12 have committed so far.

There are other things that have been under discussion but my brain can't seem to get a firm grasp on them at the moment. Hopefully, my co-liaison to SCC (Logan) will chime in if there's something important that I've missed.

Distractedly submitted,
April C. Davies

John Schumacher:
“Innovative Library Services through Technologies” is the new name for the certificate program

Logan Rath:
I don't think you've missed much. Sarah Morehouse has joined the ILST team (yes, I'm using an acronym). If you have any thoughts about it, please find me during the conference!


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