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FACT 2 Report - My apologies for being late
« on: June 05, 2012, 10:03:31 PM »
Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CIT 2012 was a success. The keynote George Seimens gave an excellent talk about connectivism and networks.

The Chancellor continued her systemness discussion, by defining it as the coordination of multiple components that when working together create a network of activity that is more powerful than any action of individual parts on their own.
Check Wikipedia

The Provost spoke at the conference as well, reinforcing the need to work together to support the students of SUNY. We are in good shape moving forward and we are making strategic efforts to support faculty. One new task group forming will be a group charged with reworking the SUNY Information Management competencies. There are many people who have expressed interest in SUNYLA as being part of this group and once we are given clear direction I will report back to the council and the individuals who have been instrumental at looking at information literacy within SUNY.

The IIT Grants are one such effort. Utilizing funds that once supported SCAP, these grants are to support campuses in collaborative efforts that showcase innovation, reporting both our successes and failures will make SUNY a better organization.

The new FACT2 chairs is Janet Nepkie. An enormous library supporter. Janet has been instrumental in looking into librarian distinguished ranks and the criteria for the awards. She is also a huge proponent for information literacy instruction and assessment to be managed by libraries and librarians.