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SUNYLA Publications Committee Report
« on: March 13, 2012, 11:39:59 AM »
SUNYLA Publications Committee
Ellen McCabe, Chair

March 15, 2012

 Members of the Publications Committee: Lori Annesi (Monroe), Jim Coan (Oneonta), Linda Gorman (Nassau), Jennifer Little (Brockport), Ellen McCabe (Cortland) (chair), Jennifer Smathers (Brockport).

In Memoriam.  It is with great sadness that the SUNYLA Publications heard of the passing of Gerry Leibowitz. Gerry edited the SUNYLA Newsletter from 2004-2008. He did a wonderful job as editor and worked to modernize the newsletter, bringing it closer to the version we have today. He continued to be active on the committee after his stint as editor. Gerry, who has been a Librarian at Nassau Community College for 30 years, was a loyal member of SUNYLA. He received the SUNY Chancellor's Award, The Friends of SUNYLA Award, and has been a member of the Newsletter team for years. He will be sorely missed by the Committee.
In happier circumstances, the Newsletter experienced the loss of another member. Shannon Pritting from Oswego took a job at Syracuse University this January. Shannon had been the co-editor of the Newsletter since 2008. He will be missed.
The SUNYLA Publications Committee conducted a survey of delegates during January of this year to determine the campus preferences for print or online copies of the newsletter. In view of the results of that survey, the committee recommends moving to an online version only on a trial basis. Results of the survey are attached.
A check has been sent to Brockport printing services, for $247. Deducting that amount from the Publications Committee funds leaves a balance of $677 in the account. 
The February Newsletter has come out online at the SUNYLA website at
Please continue to submit items for the next Newsletter. Submissions to the newsletter are being accepted via the SUNYLA Forums at  website and via E-mail. The next issue due date is May 15, 2012. Please send items to Jennifer Smathers

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen McCabe (Chair)
Ellen McCabe, SUNY College at Cortland, (607) 753-4051