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UUP report (in text and attached)
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UUP Liaison Report
John Schumacher    (
SUNYLA Executive Board/Council
March 15, 2012

United University Professions (UUP) is the union representing more than 35,000 academic and professional faculty on 29 State University of New York campuses, plus System Administration and Empire State College. UUP is affiliated with the New York State United Teachers, the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association and the AFL-CIO.

Contract Negotiations
•   See for information and updates; latest update dated 02/27/12;  “UUP continues to fight for a fair and reasonable compensation and benefits package, as the state pushes for uniformity in all state employee contracts”;
•   All provisions of the 2007-2011 NYS-UUP Agreement (other than those with specific dates) remain in effect.

SUNY Budget /UUP Legislative Agenda
•   The governor’s proposed budget does not cut SUNY (for the first time in years); but “maintenance of effort” represents a level of state budget support equal to that seen during the first years of the 1990s;
•   UUP’s legislative agenda includes a call for $25million more in state support for full-time faculty, restoration of funds for the SUNY hospitals, support for the hospital at Downstate Medical to remain a public facility; and a call to legislators to oppose the propose Tier VI pension system;
•   Contact your UUP Chapter Office about advocating for SUNY and UUP’s legislative agenda; more details at
•   And, you can take action on these issues here -

UUP Policy Statements – Please Read
•   “That the policy of UUP shall be to oppose all layoffs from faculty and staff positions at the State University except those occasioned by retirement or termination for cause;
“That UUP strongly recommend to members of the faculty and staff of the State University that they not participate in campus or statewide efforts to identify programs, departments, other units or individuals for retrenchment” Delegate Assembly 1975
“That all faculty and staff members associated with planning committees be asked to subscribe to the following principle: ‘I will not participate in any plan to name programs or my colleagues for retrenchment and will resign from my committee if it attempts to do this”   Delegate Assembly 1981
“That the UUP Executive Board reaffirms its long standing policy of opposing participation of UUP members in campus activities and committees which recommend priorities for layoffs and retrenchment of university programs and employees and that UUP publicize our position when necessary and appropriate” UUP Executive Board 1989
Additional Information, etc
•   Newly re-designed web site at   
•  “UUP to lawmakers: SUNY needs more full-time faculty, additional funds for teaching hospitals”;
•   “Health care providers rally to preserve services in central Brooklyn Workers send a message to investment banker Stephen Berger, his plan is no good for your health“
•   “Unions sue NYS over retiree insurance costs increase”
• “AAUP Loses Major Affiliate at SUNY”.

Mailing Address:
United University Professions
P.O. Box 15143
Albany, NY 12212-5143

518-640-6698 (fax)
866-812-9446 (fax)