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SUNYConnect Coordinating Committee/SUNYConnect Finance Committee
November 16, 2011

The SUNYConnect Coordinating Committee had it’s first meeting via conference call on Oct. 31. As mentioned in the President’s Report, the SCC approved going forward with the Emerging Library Services program that CPD & OLIS have been working on. During the discussion, Mary Donohue (SCLD Chair) asked if we could use SUNYLA’s ad hoc Continuing Education group that Logan is chairing as the starting point for developing the meat of the program and bring in some SCLD people so it would be a joint effort. Logan and I were both in on that call and thought that was a good approach. I mentioned that Logan had asked me to get him a co-chair which prompted a suggestion that we use someone from SCLD in that role. Again, Logan and I both liked the idea.

The SCC also charged the Shared Collections taskforce with looking at ways to make SUNYOne pilot into a system-wide program, with the SUNYConnect Finance Committee looking at the money side.

The chairs of the various taskforces created during SCLD’s fall meeting also reported on their progress. Of particular interest is the Assessment group chaired by Melissa Peterson. She reported that they think it is essential to work with WGIL (though she wasn’t quite sure how to pronounce it) on the info lit angle. Also, the Shared Collections chair Connie Holberg asked for some non-director participants and I shared her request with the SUNYLA listserv. Most of the chairs also indicated that they wanted to get some team members from outside the usual SCLD group but weren’t sure of the best way to do it. (As mentioned in the President’s report, the SCLD chair asked for SUNYLA’s help on this and several librarians have stepped up already.)

The SUNYConnect Finance Committee will have it’s first meeting via conference call in the next 2-3 weeks. Constantia Constantinou is chairing the group. The SFC’s immediate charges are to consider: various options for the future of LAND since the current contract will expire in June 2012; and a financial plan for SUNYOne.

Respectfully submitted,
April C. Davies
(Thanks for writing this, April!)