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President Report
« on: January 16, 2024, 10:05:30 AM »
Welcome back SUNYLA and a Happy New Year to you all!

Looking ahead for this semester we have our next council meeting on March 22nd, which will be held both online and in-person at Buffalo State. Then we conclude the academic year with our final council meeting on Wednesday, June 12th also at Buffalo State and kick off the 2024 SUNYLA Conference.

Library Advocacy Day is February 7th with a planned rally in Albany. A number of NYS Assembly and Senate members will be available to meet in-person and online that day. There are also free advocacy sessions being held for free at the Renaissance. Is anyone planning on attending?

SUNYLA has worked over the course of the past few months in advocating for the re-funding of NOVELNY. Through this process we have become increasingly aware of how little of a voice we currently have when it comes to politics and advocacy for our libraries in New York State. One suggestion that has come out of our meetings this past Fall is to strengthen our ties with other New York State associations and institutions. Recognizing the importance of collaboration and shared advocacy I reached out to the NYLA Council specifically to AnnaLee Dragon (Executive Director) and Lisa Kropp (President).

The three of us met and discussed options of SUNYLA joining NYLA as an organizational member. Some benefits that would come out of this include:

Associate Memberships for Individuals
Creation of an Academic Libraries Legislative Committee
Representation in Albany and Washington D.C.
Creation of an Academic Libraries Working Group
Professional Development Opportunities
NYLA Member rates at events

Most importantly this would provide us with some much-needed political clout and advocacy that our organization currently lacks. Anna and Lisa were extremely excited about the prospects of us joining, they are very much looking for me academic library involvement in the organization. I floated the idea of possibly inviting them to one of our upcoming council meetings to discuss our options.