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PPC Report


Hi everyone,

The Personnel Policies Committee gives a heartfelt THANK YOU!  to the five reviewers who provided extremely thoughtful, meticulous and valuable feedback on the first draft of the Stay Survey.  Thank you! :)

The next step for the PPC is to review this first round of feedback and make adjustments to the survey based on that feedback.  When the revised draft is ready, we will send it again to the reviewers for the next round of reviews.  If anyone is interested in being a reviewer, just email me at  We're looking for as much feedback from everyone as possible.  Please also share this opportunity with others in your library.  And for those who volunteered in the beginning to be reviewers but didn't get a chance for the 1st round, have no fear - you'll have another chance on the 2nd round :) 

As a quick aside - four reviewers provided feedback through email/Word doc, and one through the online form we created using the SUNYLAforms account.  I checked this morning to see if any more had submitted feedback through the form, but I was denied access so requested access.

Respectfully submitted,
Heather Stalter
PPC Chair


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