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Info. Lit. Task Force
« on: September 23, 2011, 12:57:14 PM »
Information Literacy Task Force

In the Spring of 2010 a task force was created by the SUNYLA Council to take a look at Information Literacy Assessment across our 64 campuses. The initial purpose of the task force was to attempt to collect the assessment instruments and tools used on all the campuses. Then president Angela Weiler asked me to chair the group and Dunstan McNutt for SUNY Delhi agreed to help me in constructing the vision and direction of the task force.

We decided to break the task force into four groups. The groups are as follows and forgive me if I have not mentioned everyone’s name involved.

SUNY Information Management Competency Team:
Members: Dunstan McNutt, Alice Harrington Walker, Jim Nichols, Carleen Huxley
TEAM GOAL: To ensure SUNY standards and Middle States (MSA) are on the same page. Will look at the Guidelines for the Approval of State University General Education Requirement Course, Information Management competencies and make suggestions on changing the competencies. It would be useful to compare these to the Middle States standards for Information Literacy to address overlap, and to broaden our assessment efforts to meet both the SUNY-wide requirements and those of our accrediting body.

This team has completed their tasks and have compiled data showing the disparities between what Middle States requires and what SUNY is looking to in the Information Management competencies.

General Information Literacy Assessment Team:
Members Karen Shockey, Penny Bealle, Kathie Flynn, Michael Daly, Dana Longley, Michelle Toth
TEAM GOAL: Will look at each institution within SUNY and find out what they do to measure general information literacy skills. If they pay for an assessment, build their own, or use some other instrument for measurement. Also, they will approach the institutions that build their own assessments and ask if they will be willing to share. Also, this team will detail how the assessments are administered.

This semester all SUNY libraries will be contacted and asked to share their experience with information literacy assessment. A representative from the task force will call and ask you a few questions about assessment on your campus and have a conversation about what your campus has used, is using and what they plan to use to assess students information literacy skills. 

Disciplinary Specific Assessment Team:
Members: Rebecca Oling, Darcy Gervasio and Kimberly Detterbeck, Wenli Gao
TEAM GOAL: Will contact institutions (based on their response to the Gen Info Lit team's survey regarding discipline specific assessments) and ask if/how they build assessments geared towards specific disciplines or if they use some other assessment tool to measure student information literacy skills within a subject area. This team will also detail how the assessments are administered.

This team will reach out to the institutions that have discipline specific assessments for information literacy and see how they are administered, if they feel it has been successful  and ask if the campus would be willing to share the tool

Development & Metadata Team:
Members: Logan Rath
TEAM GOAL: This team (of one right now) is responsible for collecting the assessments and making the instruments searchable via a repository that is accessible to everyone in SUNYLA.

The hope is that the task force will complete its goals by SUNYLA 2012 and present its conclusions at our annual conference.  From there, we will start to construct the repository.