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Professional Development Report
« on: November 04, 2022, 12:11:53 AM »
The PD committee has started to make some movement. I have emailed with the subcommittee chairs and have the relevant reports below:

The Promotion & Tenure subgroup has recently sent out a survey to the SUNYLA list soliciting feedback on the direction we should focus on, as well as any interested new members. You can still complete the survey through November 9th. Carrie will be sending out a poll to set up a meeting of the subgroup to review the survey results shortly after the survey closes to all members.

The mentoring program matched one early career librarian applicant with a technical services and promotions mentor in October.

The Excellence in Scholarship subgroup (Rebecca Hewitt) has been working on documents outlining the award for excellence in scholarship. She will provide a separate upload.

The Grants subcommittee would like to move to encumber $5000 additional dollars to fund grant activity. This is only an encumbrance, since our current encumbrance from last year was returned to the general fund. This would be a grand total of $7000 encumbered so far. Lisa Errico reports: There have been no new professional development grant applications since September.  The committee is thankful that more funds were monies were added to our balance.