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Publications Committee Report
« on: September 22, 2011, 04:22:12 PM »
SUNYLA Publications Committee
Ellen McCabe, Chair

September 23, 2011

 Members of the Publications Committee: Lori Annesi (Monroe), Jim Coan (Oneonta), Linda Gorman (Nassau), Gerry Leibowitz (Nassau), Jennifer Little (Brockport), Ellen McCabe (Cortland) (chair), Shannon Pritting (Oswego), Jennifer Smathers (Brockport).

The publications account should have about $1101.88 in it. This is assuming that the monies approved at the June meeting have been received and deposited. (I was unable to confirm this before this report.)

A potential survey for canvassing all the campuses as to their use of the paper copies of the SUNYLA Newsletter was created but I don’t believe it has been sent out as yet.

Dan Harms and I have worked on the text of a statement on publication in the SUNYLA Newsletter to reflect our policy on copyright. Since this was tabled at the last meeting, once again, I am including the text of the statement below:

“By submitting a document to the SUNYLA newsletter, you grant SUNYLA the non-exclusive right to edit, reproduce, publish, and archive the material from now into perpetuity in all formats. You retain all other intellectual property rights to your material and are free to publish it elsewhere without explicit permission from this publication. If you send it to a publisher, please let them know that it was previously published in the SUNYLA newsletter.”

I submit this statement to the Council for approval. 

Many thanks from the Publications Committee to Dan Harms for his work on this.

Issues of the SUNYLA newsletter are available at the SUNYLA website; the May issue is at:

Please continue to submit items for the next Newsletter. Submissions to the newsletter are being accepted via the SUNYLA Forums at  website and via E-mail. The October issue is being assembled now; the next issue due date is January 15, 2011. Please send items to Shannon Pritting or Jennifer Smathers

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen McCabe (Chair)
Ellen McCabe, SUNY College at Cortland, (607) 753-4051