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SLC liaison report
« on: October 31, 2022, 04:58:54 PM »
I am sorry I can't be at the meeting today.

The SLC Board has released its recommendation for the Future of the SLC. This was sent out to the SLC listserv on Friday, Oct. 28th. It will be discussed at the Virtual Fall SLC on Thursday December 1st at 3:00pm. Each campus will be given one vote after the meeting to determine how to proceed (by Dec. 16th), voting instructions will follow the meeting.

To summarize the recommendation:
The SLC Board recommends that we dissolve the SLC for the following reasons:
   •   This structure is no longer effective in accomplishing the work of the SUNY Libraries.
   •   The SLC was created to have a budget/dues, a bank account, an Executive Director, and perhaps additional staff. It currently has none of these, with no clear path or appetite
         for adding them.
   •   Widespread fatigue, focus on individual campus matters, and understaffing make it difficult for many of us to find the time and energy to run an independent organization.
   •   Supporting the Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS) and SUNY Library Services (SLS) is the most efficient way to participate in the work of the SUNY Libraries
        without unnecessarily duplicating efforts. OLIS/SLS already has a team of paid staff devoted to making the SUNY Libraries the best they can be. We see no reason to continue
        overcomplicating things with additional organizational layers.

Additionally, the SLC President Brian Sullivan (Alfred, Ceramics) has a question for SUNYLA. The SLC recognizes that SUNYLA already does a large amount of professional development, collaboration, and networking (and very well!) - how could we help support and build on that in terms of where the SLC ends? Would it be possible to add Director gatherings as part of the SUNYLA conferences (maybe a SIG in admin or leadership?) Also, how can we try to encourage more Directors to participate in SUNYLA, with the absence of the SLC?

Carrie's thought - we have already done a lot to build this area up over the last eight or so years (in terms of Director involvement), but it could always be better. I think that adding a Directors/Admin meeting on to the conference would be a great step.   (sorry I can't be at the meeting today!)