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Personnel Policies Committee Report
« on: September 13, 2022, 10:53:56 AM »
The PPC met at the SUNYLA Annual during the SIG timeslot.  Discussion:
•   Carry over discussion from the Annual Meeting...We concurred with the Council meeting discussion that a Stay Survey would be a better direction (than an Exit Survey) and would elicit more positive and / or more usable responses. 
•   The need to incorporate multiple text boxes for people to share concerns, issues, thoughts, ideas and solutions.  This will give people the opportunity to give input within their comfort level. 
We discussed various versions of questions that are more ‘positive’ based.
•   Adding to the SUNYLA website’s PPC overview description to include a line of reference to alternate sources of salary information.  Currently, the PPC is supposed to ‘…conducts, prints and distributes a SUNY Library Salary Survey…’  At this point it is a bit superfluous -  people can create IPEDS reports based on specific needs.  Questions – does adding this information change the charge of the committee and so needs to wait until the Annual Conference for a vote or can just information be added to this section of the website as an FYI.   

I have put out a call to our committee members to see if anybody would like to take over as PPC Chair.