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Personnel Policies Committee Report
« on: June 08, 2022, 08:26:47 AM »
!!  :) There is a PPC Special Interest Group (SIG) Meeting today at 4pm in Gleeson 123  :)  Everyone Welcome  !!

Exit Survey Project– a survey was open from March 21 to May 13 requesting community input and thoughts on revamping / implementing an Exit Survey.  There were 19 responses.  The overall responses mirrored the concerns of the PPC concerns: the possibility the data could be used against individuals, how to keep the data anonymized and confidential (and if it was even possible), and what would the survey ultimately accomplish. 
There are several thoughts regarding a Stay Survey.  It was expressed, in both the responses and by the PPC, that a Stay Survey could potentially lead to better outcomes (and it certainly sounds more positive).  Questions could be embedded that would be suggestions of improvements to environments rather than focusing on negatives generally associated with an Exit Survey. 

Salary Survey  - Before the pandemic, Bill Jones (Geneseo) and I worked on reviewing IPEDS reports for salary information, as a replacement for our formal Salary Survey.  After much review, and speaking with IPEDS personnel, we discovered that much of the salary information previously requested via our Salary Survey could be garnered with IPEDS reports.  IPEDS reports can be generated on an add-needed base, are authoritative, and do not involve our delegates gathering sensitive information.   

Action items: 
•   Archive the Salary Survey information
•   Switch focus to a Stay Survey
•   Think about changing the Personnel Policies Committee charge

The following members of the Personnel Policies Committee are working on the idea of an Exit / Stay Survey:

Danielle Apfelbaum
Caterina Reed
Heather Stalter
Mary Timmons