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Archivist report
« on: June 07, 2022, 02:47:30 PM »
Proposal for changing how we archive content from previous SUNYLAs - Renea will be presenting the plan in person at the meeting and this report serves as a written version. Enjoy the conference, all!

Hi all! Happy SUNYLA meeting! Renea Rapp from SUNY Maritime will be delivering our proposal in person but I wanted to provide a report for the online forum.

Previously, the way that all documentation for SUNYLA planning and associated materials has been archived is by the current SUNYLA archivist requesting the materials from those involved and then creating a digital backup of those materials to be sent to University at Buffalo. This method has been spotty for a number of reasons and Renea looped me in on a plan to make the documents easier to collect and more accessible for future conference committees.

This will one - create a better documentation history for the archive and two allow committees to continuously avoid reinventing the wheel by having to re-create documentation that already exists. Instead committees would easily be able to access the documentation and then make changes to suit the unique needs of that conference.

The plan currently is to create a large google drive repository for these documents. Renea and I are working on an organizational schema that will allow for easy drops and downloads of documents. Editing privileges can be passed from committee to committee and at the conclusion of each sunyla we will be able to download and send the documentation from that particular conference for permanent placement at UB.

Google Docs is the proposed system due to its availability and ease of use for both Google and Microsoft Campuses. Also permissions could easily be swapped between planning committees from conference to conference. The SUNYLA archivist would maintain it and make sure that the relevant individuals had access to edit and access materials. If approved we would be looking to implement this plan for the 2023 SUNYLA conference.