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Professional Development Committee Report
« on: June 03, 2022, 01:49:16 PM »
The SUNYLA Professional Development committee met on April 5th where Fabio Montella was officially appointed chair of the committee.  Also at this meeting, members discussed that Mentoring, Promotion and Tenure, Awards, Scholarships, and Grants would be under the Professional Development Committee. Promotion and Tenure was an ad hoc committee, but will now be a sub-committee still chaired by Carrie Fishner under the umbrella of Professional Development. Scholarships is chaired by Morgan Bond.  Grants are covered by Lisa Errico. Friend of SUNYLA Award is chaired by Greg Bobish. Jocelyn Ireland handled the Mentor Award this year and is willing to chair it in the future. She has also been handling everything around the mentoring program. The committee has discussed the need to formalize the mentoring program, such as the need for written procedures for advertising the program, how to assign mentors, assessing the program, and so on. An initial discussion was had about starting a webpage repository of suggested professional development opportunities. The committee also discussed the need to revise the bylaws description of the committee, which was approved in our last ballot.

Fabio Montella
Chair, Professional Development Committee