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Membership Development Committee
« on: March 24, 2022, 06:35:51 PM »
Here are the latest membership stats for March 2022
Current members: 420
Lifetime Members: 46
Student members: 130
Delegates: 57

Membership remains consistent at all levels.
Bill Jones and Carol Anne (mostly Bill) worked on fixing the “joined” year in the Membership Database.  He also created a Google Form with members who had no joined year. I have been searching LinkedIn and other resources and found some but could use some help from the delegates. If yours or one of your colleagues join date is missing, let me know the answer and I will add it. Thank you!
The SUNYLA LIS Student Subcommittee met last month and discussed:
•   Promoting the annual conference and scholarships to our liaison schools
•   Future Librarians Day
o   Virtual event in mid/late April
o   Will consist of three 45-minute panels and 1-hour breakout session (panels include public services, collections/archives, and Tech Services)
o   The point of the event is to introduce different kinds of academic library positions/jobs to LIS students and to provide a space for them to connect with professionals in academic positions they may be interested in
o   Currently firming up panelists & date

Carol Anne