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Personnel Policies Committee Report
« on: March 22, 2022, 11:36:36 AM »

As discussed at the previous Council meeting, the PPC would like to resurrect and refresh the previous iteration of the Exit Survey  Before we continue, however, we would like to know your thoughts on 1. The usefulness of exit surveys 2. The ultimate use and distribution of collected data.

We seek feedback on such questions as who would have access to the raw data, the analyzed data, how it would be stored and preserved, etc.   While the data would be anonymous, given that we are a small community, an exit survey by its nature would have identifiable indications of institution / job duties / location – and we need to be sensitive and respectful of privacy.

This feedback gathering survey was distributed via the SUNYLA listserv; The "SUNYLA Community Input Request on Exit Surveys" ( ) will be open until May 13, 2022.

The following members of the Personnel Policies Committee are working on these surveys:

Danielle Apfelbaum
Caterina Reed
Heather Stalter
Mary Timmons