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IDS Project Update
« on: January 11, 2022, 11:57:13 AM »
Good morning,
The IDS Project postponed the Fall Virtual User Group sessions but the Spring VUGs will be held in February. Date, time, and agenda will be released shortly.
The IDS Project will be presenting ILL 101 Sessions at the OCLC Resource Sharing Conference in March. OCLC will be sending out dates and times.
We will be making a final decision this month on the IDS Conference which will happen in July. We are leaning towards another virtual conference due to continuing COVID and campus financial issues.
A new version of the Internet Archive/IDS Logic function is being released which will simplify requests and receiving articles.
We are working a new end of year copyright function for IDS Logic and hope to have that ready to test soon.
The Online Mentor Institute is in process and we have two new mentors-in-training.
IDS Project is in talks with several groups to develop a new system we are calling CrossShare. This system would allow for requests in one system to be shared to a different system at a different library, thereby reducing the issue of silos created by disparate resource sharing systems.
The release of ILLiad 9.2 will help with some of the current issues with ILLiad Addons. IDS will be updating several more addons to work with ILLiad 9.2 and Chromium.