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OLIS Liaison Report
« on: November 11, 2021, 05:28:20 PM »
== SUNY Library Services Update ==

SUNY’s Workplace migration by end of year (SLS transition 11/19/21)

SLS Blog for important updates - / subscribe via email

No plans to migrate SUNYLA Workplace group

SUNYConnect Task Force – presentation at SLC meeting 11/17/21

OCLC datasync – new process begins 11/15/21

Whole ebook ILL - pilot project with ProQuest

Analytics Office Hours beginning January 2022

SUNY-specific leadership institute for librarians - early 2022 (tentative) - managed via CPD/SAIL 

DEI activities -

Inclusive Initiatives Panel Webinar on November 19, 2021, from noon to 1pm: Join members of the SUNY Libraries DEI Task Force Lauren Jackson-Beck, Cristina Pope, Lisa Socci, Mustafa Sakarya, and Katie Ghidiu to hear about the inclusive initiatives they've implemented at their libraries.

16 people are taking the 10-week Inclusive Managers’ Toolkit course with DeEtta Jones, finishing up the week of November 15th.

DEI Group is developing a toolkit to be delivered in spring 2022.

SUNY is pairing with ESLN on a pair of webinars plus a workshop with Kawanna Bright in February and April, 2022. More information as it is available.

Report from scholarly communication meeting on 11/2:

This past summer the OLIS sent out a survey to the library community and hosted a feedback session to gauge interest in how OLIS could support community-building related to scholarly communications within the SUNY libraries. One of the ideas for building community was to host monthly Zoom meetup for interested people. The first meetup was held on 11/2. Participants split into four breakout rooms to discuss topics of interest to the groups. The next meeting is scheduled for 12/7 at 10 am. This meeting will focus on digital scholarship/pedagogy/humanities. Mark McBride and Tony DeFranco (OLIS) will share a brief presentation and lead a discussion. If your campus is doing work in this area, please feel free to contribute by sharing your experiences, ideas, challenges and solutions. To register: 
== OLIS System Provost Update ==

SUNY BoT has passed the new General Education Standards. Of particular interest to libraries, there are new competencies for information literacy (replacing the old information management framework). These are applicable to all students pursuing a SUNY undergraduate degree. The resolution directs the Chancellor or designee to work with campus leadership and faculty to implement local general education and undergraduate degree program requirements that are consistent with the SUNY General Education Framework, effective fall 2023 for A.A., A.S., and all baccalaureate degree programs and no later than fall 2024 for A.A.S. and A.O.S. degree programs.

Digital Learning Environment (DLE) implementation-- SUNY awarded the contract to Brightspace; all SUNY campuses going live on D2L. OLIS is regularly consulted as we were the first organization to migrate campuses to a single instance, multi tenant digital technology solution (ALMA/Primo). Katie Ghidiu from MCC and Cindi Tysik from UB represent SUNY Libraries on the DLE advisory council.

SUNY will soon begin negotiations with Lumen Learning on a new contract to continue efforts with the OER Services. Of note, the OER availabile through OER Services is directly aligned with the General Education Standards. There will be future communications coming out on that shortly.

At the Fall SLC meeting there will be conversations about renewing the existing Elsevier contract. Stay tuned for information on that.

Also, in bittersweet news, Maureen Zajkowski will be retiring from SUNY on December 22. Maureen has provided a steady hand for a number of years in OLIS and she will be missed.

Susan Perry - 11/11/21
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