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President's Report
« on: June 12, 2010, 10:07:28 AM »
Hello Everyone,

This upcoming conference will mark the end of my leadership within SUNYLA.  We have made several advances this year, and I hope that you haven't been too pained along the way.  We've accomplished a lot as well.  We now have a unified technology group, and several people paid for the upcoming conference via PayPal.  We have also selected a slate of officers for the upcoming year, and I have faith that your new executive board will be great.  Thank you for the opportunity you've given me this past year to lead you.

As far as SUNYLA business, there is not much new to report.  I hope you are all participating in the Power of Tuesday library strategic planning webinars that were jointly planned by SUNYConnect Advisory Council (SAC), SUNY Council of Library Directors (SCLD) and SUNYLA with assistance from OLIS and CPD.  The results will be shared with you before the first council meeting of the upcoming year.

I look forward to seeing many of you this coming week at SUNYLA 2010: An information odyssey.  The location of our Council Meeting will be the Kiefer Room, Drake Memorial Library at 10am.

Respectfully yours,