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Membership Development Committee
« on: September 17, 2021, 07:57:56 AM »
Here are the latest membership stats for September 2021
Current members: 386
Lifetime Members: 44
Student members: 104
Delegates: 57

Membership dipped a bit after the conference, which is normal. Special thanks to delegates for keeping up with members. And to the student subcommittee - when the connections are made, I can see a big sign up.
The SUNYLA LIS Student subcommittee
Three liaison relationships have been officially established and information about student membership and SUNYLA have been sent out. These schools are UB, UAlbany, and The Palmer School.

A non-members survey has been sent out to both UAlbany and UB students. The purpose of this survey is to see if students are aware of our organization and are interested in joining. Joan will be sending out this survey to Palmer School shortly.

We are interested in creating a student mentoring program. Jocelyn has drafted a document outlining what such a program would look like (attached) .

The subcommittee will be meeting on 9/20 to discuss liaison connections and planning two events: a resume/CV writing workshop and academic librarians panel (Future Librarians Day). We will probably start looking for volunteers to get involved with these events shortly.

Delegate Enhancement Subcommittee
The SUNYLA Delegate Enhancement Subcommittee met again in August.  Still working on ideas, including reduced rates for conference attendance and other motivators, such as meeting attendance incentives. Our next meeting is on October 8, 2021. All are welcome.

Carol Anne
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