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OLIS Report
« on: June 15, 2021, 09:11:07 AM »
OLIS Portal


The OLIS is interested in how we can support community-building related to scholarly communications within SUNY libraries.
One solution we are exploring is offering services to help bring interested people together, by providing tools for communication channels, sharing content, and conducting (virtual) meet-ups.
We developed a brief survey to gauge interest in this type of initiative. The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete.
If interested in this initiative, please complete the survey by July 1, 2021:
Feel free to answer anonymously. Thanks in advance for your time and input!


SUNY was provided with funding from EBSCO for DEI initiatives. Supported by this funding, SUNY will be planning professional development related to DEI over the course of the next year, in partnership with the Empire State Library Network. The members of this advisory committee will help make decisions about professional development activities. Additionally, there may be opportunities for some limited additional group work related to DEI such as creating a repository or toolkit about DEI work happening in SUNY libraries. This advisory committee will help make decisions about any potential group work in DEI in SUNY libraries over the next year.
Deadline for Expressing interest is 6/18/2021

Library Leadership

SUNY Library Services

Primo VE Training Survey
Feedback is requested from those in ALL library roles about their comfort level with Primo VE.
Goal of the survey is to gather ideas for future training, including webinars, FAQs, etc.

Alma/Primo VE training sessions-

June 23 + June 30: Alma Acquisitions Analytics
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

August 10: Fiscal Year Rollover for Community Colleges

More summer sessions will be announced soon!

To submit a service ticket, and for general questions/comments, email

SUNY LSP & Discovery HQ

SUNY Libraries Institutional Leads

SUNY OER Services (SOS)

Mike Daly has taken a position outside of SUNY.

We'll be opening up discussions about the future of the program, and the direction campuses would like to see the services move.


A new version of DSpace (v7.0) was announced at The Open Repositories Conference   The major features include a completely new User Interface based on Angular, enhanced REST API, redesigned submissions and workflows, and a new configurable entities object model which allows for storing relationships between Items.  The core contributors to the development of the new release are Atmire, 4Science and LYRASIS with additional contributions from the Duraspsce Community -  The slides and video from the OR2021 Conference announcing the new version are available at these links (slides, video Note: the DSpace update in the video begins at minute 19:00).  A release schedule is yet to be announced.

Wendi Ackerman and Maureen Zajkowski completed an initial update of the Repository pages at; more updates as this work progresses.

For questions on:
SUNY Open Access Repository (SOAR) – email
SUNY Digital Repository (SDR) – email


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