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Web Manager Report
« on: March 26, 2021, 09:07:20 AM »
A lot has happened since my last Web Manager report:

-- I split up the individual video presentations from the 2021 Midwinter Virtual Conference recording, posted them to YouTube, and updated the SUNYLA Midwinter webpage:

-- Moments after emailing 1,100+ people that the presentation recordings and webpage were live, I noticed that the SUNYLA website would no longer update changes made in Wordpress, and none of the updates I had made to the Midwinter webpages (and emailed everyone about) had updated.  I took about 3 hours to solve this issue, and it was solved by flushing the Dynamic Caching through the Siteground interface (where our site is hosted).  Thank you to the chat help at Siteground.

-- At the beginning of February, Alana Nuth let me know that she wasn't able to upload any documents to the forum.  After investigating, I found that users weren't able to download documents from the forum either.  There was a problem with the documents path in the Simple Machines Forum settings and it had somehow broken on its own.  This one took a lot of prayer to fix.

-- I enabled https on the SUNYLA website

-- I renewed our Siteground license on March 2, 2021 to host the SUNYLA website for one year for $179.88

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Jones