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Treasurer's Report
« on: January 11, 2021, 03:30:51 PM »
Hi Everyone!

I've attached the 2020 annual report - as you might guess it's not super complicated, mostly membership payments and only a few expenditures since nobody can go anywhere.  :(

The good news is we're still doing great, money-wise. The current balances are:

Bank account: $19,465.83
Paypal:           $34,146.97

for a total of: $53,612.80

I didn't do a separate January 2021 report because the only difference is 5 paypal memberships at this point.

I normally report that I've filed the IRS e-postcard at this meeting, but the IRS website seems to be less than cooperative right now, so I'll keep trying and hopefully by Friday I'll have that to add to my report. There's nothing to worry about, as we're well below the $50K per year income limit:

TOTAL 2020 income   $14112.60
TOTAL 2019 income   $19144.57
TOTAL 2018 income   $22665.64

Hope everyone is staying safe and otherwise doing well, see you Friday!