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November 4, 2022 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / Treasurer's report UPDATED
« Last post by GregB on November 04, 2022, 09:06:37 AM »
Ok, I'm back in the office, and here is the full report (see attached).

We currently have $6,583.39 in the bank account, and $47,563.09 in paypal for a total of $54,146.48 

I am in the process of transferring $10,000 from paypal to the bank to ensure we have enough for upcoming bills/reimbursements (I'm sending out the conference startup funds today, for instance), but the total will stay the same.

Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions!

Hi all,

This report is a little unusual because I've been out with covid so I didn't have access to all my paperwork, but luckily nothing much has happened since the last report.

We've had about 10-15 paypal membership payments (if I'm counting right) come in, and we've paid out just under $1500 in professional development grants for the new award year and one outstanding $750 grant from the last year.

I'll update this with a full report once I'm back in the office next week, but I can still try to answer any questions at the meeting.


November 4, 2022 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / UUP Liaison Report
« Last post by Danharms on November 04, 2022, 08:55:24 AM »
UUP Liaison Report
Dan Harms

Check the Members section of the UUP website for updates on the contractual process.

UUP Urges Lawmakers to Reverse Multi-Million Dollar Deficits

UUP Chapters Celebrate Campus Equity Week

Don't forget to vote next week, if you haven't already!
November 4, 2022 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / Professional Development Report
« Last post by Logan Rath on November 04, 2022, 12:11:53 AM »
The PD committee has started to make some movement. I have emailed with the subcommittee chairs and have the relevant reports below:

The Promotion & Tenure subgroup has recently sent out a survey to the SUNYLA list soliciting feedback on the direction we should focus on, as well as any interested new members. You can still complete the survey through November 9th. Carrie will be sending out a poll to set up a meeting of the subgroup to review the survey results shortly after the survey closes to all members.

The mentoring program matched one early career librarian applicant with a technical services and promotions mentor in October.

The Excellence in Scholarship subgroup (Rebecca Hewitt) has been working on documents outlining the award for excellence in scholarship. She will provide a separate upload.

The Grants subcommittee would like to move to encumber $5000 additional dollars to fund grant activity. This is only an encumbrance, since our current encumbrance from last year was returned to the general fund. This would be a grand total of $7000 encumbered so far. Lisa Errico reports: There have been no new professional development grant applications since September.  The committee is thankful that more funds were monies were added to our balance.
November 4, 2022 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / Archivists report
« Last post by Jenny Collins on November 03, 2022, 06:19:03 PM »
nothing to report - If possible I would like to add the proposal for the new method for archiving and collecting conference materials that was first discussed at SUNYLA 2022 to the agenda for the next council meeting.

Thanks, Happy Friday!!!
November 4, 2022 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / UAlbany Campus Update
« Last post by kstanwicks on November 03, 2022, 04:30:35 PM »
The Libraries recently worked to raise awareness around banned books week and censorship. We have a new Banned Books Club, and a new episode of the Librarians with Lattes podcast focuses on Banned Books Week (

The Libraries hosted Open Access Week events, including a talk on climate justice using open data resources by Dr. Stacy Pettigrew and her students, Kaylee Steward & John Correira.

The Libraries partnered with the Center For the Humanities, Arts, and Technosciences to present the Outer Space Film Festival October 13 - 16.

Therapy Dogs were in our Science Library October 18 for a stress-less midterm exam break.
November 4, 2022 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / Re: Campus Updates
« Last post by cfishner on November 03, 2022, 10:21:29 AM »
The Resnick Library at SUNY Delhi was excited to host our 4th annual Library Con (this year it was the Totally 90's Library Con) on October 19th. We welcomed over 200 students into the library for our event during the evening. Students met therapy dogs, participated in a costume contest, escape room, made some crafts, listened to great talks from some of our faculty on topics such as "Fads of the '90's" and "Final Fantasy", played games, and got to get their own customized trucker hat. Our book bundle raffle prizes were highly sought after. We can't wait to host our 5th annual Con in October of 2023 - that one will be villainous!

The fall semester has busy with an uptick in requests for library instruction, including our popular virtual Library Orientation Escape Room. Additionally, library staff have been changing out displays to keep up with campus events and themes, such as the Campus Semester Read of "Callings" and the activities that are surrounding this book.

Banned Books Week was celebrated by focusing on the importance of First Amendment rights and how censorship can affect everyone in a community this year. The display and books chosen for it were a big hit.

We are still searching for an Electronic Resources and Systems Librarian - please feel free to share this posting with anyone you know who may be a good candidate!
November 4, 2022 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / 1st VP Report
« Last post by Adam Saunders on November 03, 2022, 09:07:21 AM »
Just a short update today.

Buffalo State College has informed us that it is interested in hosting the 2024 SUNYLA Conference. Plans for hosting are still tentative. Charles Lyons and Justin Crossfox are working with their campus as we speak to hopefully pull it off. More updates on this to come as well as who will be the conference planning chair and 2nd VP candidate. 

We are still looking for nominations for open Seats. 1st Vice President and Treasurer will be open in the spring. If you are interested in running or know someone who may be interested please let me know via email.

Thank you to all delegates for posting your campus updates! We love to hear all the news coming out of each campus.
November 4, 2022 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / Membership Committee
« Last post by cg219 on November 03, 2022, 07:48:52 AM »
Apologies, I will be at NYLA on Friday

Here are the latest membership stats for November 2022
Current members: 346
Lifetime Members: 51
Student members: 100
Delegates: 59

Thanks to Adam for reaching out to the delegates (and with a little bump). Numbers are remaining consistent, but it would be nice to have a little push, so delegates - please, please, please encourage your colleagues to join.

LIS Student Committee - Committee members reached out to their respective liaison campuses at the beginning of the semester to share information about SUNYLA with LIS students. There will be a second push this month. They are planning a January resume/cover letter writing workshop and will be more active in the spring with continuing things like the resume/cover letter workshop, Future Librarians Day, and maybe a handful of other things.
Carol Anne
November 4, 2022 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / Metro
« Last post by jlocascio on November 02, 2022, 07:50:19 PM »
Metro continues to offer a broad array of webinars. The calendar is linked here:

Many of their previous webinars are available online as well at:

November 4, 2022 Council Meeting @ VIRTUAL / TDG
« Last post by jlocascio on November 02, 2022, 07:45:25 PM »
The CFP for this 2023's SUNYLY Midwinter Online Conference just went out. This year's theme is: "Library Data: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly."

The conference will be held on Friday, February 3 and the CFP is pasted below. Please consider submitting!

Library data is something that we all have to deal with - the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Sometimes it can be fun and exciting when you have an interesting story to tell.  Other times, it can be terrifying sifting through old forgotten admin logins and new report layouts.  As with much of our work, we train ourselves on the data as we go. 

Are you passionate about data?  Do you have any amazing data tools that you’re excited to show off?  Do you have interesting ways of using data for assessment and communicating to different audiences?  This conference is for you!  The SUNYLA Midwinter Online Conference planning committee is seeking proposals from presenters looking to share their expertise in gathering, analyzing, and/or presenting library data in its myriad forms.

Some possible presentations could include:

Vendor-produced reports
Integrating data from multiple platforms
Data visualization
Google Analytics
Uncommon or unusual sources of data
Using data for assessment
Communicating library data to various stakeholders

And beyond! The possibilities are endless!

Come share your experiences with your supportive and non-judgmental library colleagues at the SUNYLA Midwinter Online Conference on Friday, February 3, 2023 (10:00am - 2:30pm EST).

Presentations should be 15-20 minutes in length, in a format that best suits your topic. 

Technology requirements:  Computer, internet connection, microphone/speakers (headset recommended) or telephone, quiet space for presenting, webcam optional.

Accepting proposals until Friday, December 2, 2022.  You do not need to be a SUNYLA member in order to attend or present at this FREE conference.  Those who submit proposals should expect to hear back from us regarding their proposals by early January if not sooner. Please submit your proposal here:

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