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Binghamton isn't in the path of totality, so campus and the library will be open as usual. We've put up a small Eclipse and Astronomy book exhibit in the science library. We do also have an informational brochure that students can take that covers general eclipse information and safe viewing tips. We had the intent of providing free glasses. I say intent because the ones we ordered turned out to be part of a defective batch that happened during manufacturing. The company hasn't been responsive in replacing the defects, but at least they let us know about it. We won't be able to get new replacements in time for the eclipse next week. The campus Union is hosting its own watch party and will be providing glasses, so it's not really the bad.
On April 3, Suffolk County Community College is offering an in-person workshop entitled, Get Ready for the Solar Eclipse. Participants will learn about the upcoming solar eclipse and how to view it safely. A free pair of solar eclipse glasses will be given out to those in attendance.

After completing a four question survey about the eclipse, participants can pick up a free pair of solar eclipse glasses at each of the three college libraries. (
We've put together an informational LibGuide and are hosting some kind of event (depending on the weather) at Cobleskill.  We'll only get 97% totality, so there isn't as much hype on campus.
June 12, 2024 @ Buffalo State (Annual) / Draft Agenda and Minutes
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Please see the draft minutes from the SUNYLA Council meeting on March 22, 2024. The agenda for the June Council meeting is forthcoming.
Stony Brook University Libraries is hosting a workshop ahead of the eclipse.
2024 SOLAR ECLIPSE: WHAT TO EXPECT & HOW TO PARTICIPATE will be held on April 1 and will provide the opportunity to learn about the eclipse, the Eclipse Soundscape Project, and to pick up a pair of free certified solar viewing glasses to plan your eclipse experience! The workshop is co-sponsored by Stony Brook University Libraries’ DEIA Committee and the SBU Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives (DI3).
Hello, all!

SUNY Fredonia will be hosting a number of events on the day of the eclipse, including food trucks and musical performances. More information can be found at

Reed Library has a curated LibGuide featuring relevant library resources, as well as a variety of web sites:
Monroe CC announced last week that they have decided to close the campus on eclipse day. (Rochester is in the zone of totality so the area is expected to be VERY busy with visitors.)
The Student Life and Leadership office has been handing out eclipse glasses and one of our Chemistry/Geosciences professors has offered several presentations on the science behind the eclipse. 
The library has created Libguide with general eclipse info, local events, and library resources on eclipses. Check out the gorgeous artwork on posters created for the solar event.
SUNY Morrisville is gearing up for the Great American Eclipse occurring on April 8th, 2024. A number of events are planned leading up to the eclipse and on the eclipse day itself.

March 1st:
Speaker Matt Fagan from the Syracuse MOST was on campus to talk about the eclipse at 5:30PM in Charlton Hall Room 125. This event was open to the students, faculty & staff, and the public. Event Page here:

March 25th:
Speaker event at the Colgate Visualization Lab & Planetarium.
Event page can be found here:

April 8th: Eclipse Day

The moon will begin covering the sun at 2:09PM with totality at 3:24PM.

There will be tents set up in the Academic Quad giving away FREE solar eclipse glasses and pamphlets. Pamphlets will include information about the event and safe viewing information.

A scale model of the inner solar system will also set up in the Academic Quad.

Digital thermometers set up at tents to see temperature drops.

Live feed of the official NASA eclipse coverage.

Helioscopes set up for safe sun viewing without glasses.

Sunspot viewers will be set up as well.
We are closed.  Librarians and staff can work remotely if they want to.  We will have online availability.
I am volunteering at the college as we are hosting a big Eclipse celebration. (Got permission from my supervisor.)
Please use this thread to share events and activities that your library has planned for Eclipse Day as well as operational plans (such as reduced hours or staffing)
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