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Web Manager report:

-- I participated in the Future Librarians Day event hosted by SUNYLA!  It was a lot of fun!
-- I posted the SUNYLA Conference Pre-Recorded sessions to YouTube (URL forthcoming)
-- I licensed additional features from Zoom for the SUNYLA Conference:  100GB Cloud Storage; 1x Large Meeting (500); 1x Zoom Webinar (500)
-- I updated the SUNYLA Bylaws page:

SUNYLA website updates continue as needed.  If you find outdated information, please let me know so it can be fixed.  Sending things to is the fastest way to get something updated.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Jones
!!  :) There is a PPC Special Interest Group (SIG) Meeting today at 4pm in Gleeson 123  :)  Everyone Welcome  !!

Exit Survey Project– a survey was open from March 21 to May 13 requesting community input and thoughts on revamping / implementing an Exit Survey.  There were 19 responses.  The overall responses mirrored the concerns of the PPC concerns: the possibility the data could be used against individuals, how to keep the data anonymized and confidential (and if it was even possible), and what would the survey ultimately accomplish. 
There are several thoughts regarding a Stay Survey.  It was expressed, in both the responses and by the PPC, that a Stay Survey could potentially lead to better outcomes (and it certainly sounds more positive).  Questions could be embedded that would be suggestions of improvements to environments rather than focusing on negatives generally associated with an Exit Survey. 

Salary Survey  - Before the pandemic, Bill Jones (Geneseo) and I worked on reviewing IPEDS reports for salary information, as a replacement for our formal Salary Survey.  After much review, and speaking with IPEDS personnel, we discovered that much of the salary information previously requested via our Salary Survey could be garnered with IPEDS reports.  IPEDS reports can be generated on an add-needed base, are authoritative, and do not involve our delegates gathering sensitive information.   

Action items: 
•   Archive the Salary Survey information
•   Switch focus to a Stay Survey
•   Think about changing the Personnel Policies Committee charge

The following members of the Personnel Policies Committee are working on the idea of an Exit / Stay Survey:

Danielle Apfelbaum
Caterina Reed
Heather Stalter
Mary Timmons
Rebecca Mugridge has decided to step down as Dean of Libraries and return to the faculty this July.

Karen Kiorpes, Head of Preservation, is retiring July 1.

Greg Wideman is this year's recipient of the President's Excellence in Librarianship Award.
The SLC spring meeting took place in a hybrid environment yesterday (June 7th).

The morning was spent with updates from OLIS and SLS and the SLC Board. In the afternoon there were presentations on the DLE migration and on the Women in Technology initiative from Holly Heller-Ross. The remainder of the afternoon was spent on the topic of whether or not the SLC should continue to be an organization. Sectors met and held discussions and then the whole group reconvened to share back and discuss as a whole. The consensus was that the entire membership would need to come to a vote, but that there should be time and investigation on a few points first. The vote will be called at the fall meeting in November. In the meantime, there will be a special election for one Board position that has been opened up and for one position that will be added - these will be specifically held for Community College/Tech sector and Comprehensive College seats. This is to round out the Board as the current make-up with the new incoming members is all Doctoral campuses from Binghamton and Buffalo.

Minutes from the Board meetings this year can be found at the SLC LibGuide:
Minutes from the spring meeting will be added in the next week.

Carrie Fishner
The committee has not met recently.

After the last Council meeting it was decided that the committee would become a sub-committee under the Professional Development committee, and move from a stand alone ad hoc.

The committee will work on redefining our charge and developing a list of priorities and goals for the next year. Those attending the SUNYLA conference may meet in person during the SIG time to start this conversation, however the committee will be convening in August to start this discussion officially. If anyone is interested in joining please reach out to Carrie Fishner (
We had our 3rd annual (after a 2 year hiatus due to COVID) Library Con on April 24th. The event was well attended and feedback from attendees was positive, with many asking about our next event. We are already planning for next fall!

Librarians Carrie Fishner and Sarah Meisch-Lacombe partnered with History Professor Terry Hamblin's New York History class to develop an interactive display and exhibit on immigration pertaining to New York and its residents in April and May. Students developed an exhibit, a LibGuide, a poster, and an interactive map for campus community members.

Steve Dixon has a forthcoming article for Library Journal on building a collection around soccer.

Scholarly Communications Librarian Jenny Collins has been working closely with several nursing faculty to develop new OER offerings in the department, including a revised edition of the Death and Dying textbook.

The Resnick Library is excited to welcome Kate Fitz-Henry who will be joining our team in July as the new Electronic Resources & Systems Librarian.
Proposal for changing how we archive content from previous SUNYLAs - Renea will be presenting the plan in person at the meeting and this report serves as a written version. Enjoy the conference, all!

Hi all! Happy SUNYLA meeting! Renea Rapp from SUNY Maritime will be delivering our proposal in person but I wanted to provide a report for the online forum.

Previously, the way that all documentation for SUNYLA planning and associated materials has been archived is by the current SUNYLA archivist requesting the materials from those involved and then creating a digital backup of those materials to be sent to University at Buffalo. This method has been spotty for a number of reasons and Renea looped me in on a plan to make the documents easier to collect and more accessible for future conference committees.

This will one - create a better documentation history for the archive and two allow committees to continuously avoid reinventing the wheel by having to re-create documentation that already exists. Instead committees would easily be able to access the documentation and then make changes to suit the unique needs of that conference.

The plan currently is to create a large google drive repository for these documents. Renea and I are working on an organizational schema that will allow for easy drops and downloads of documents. Editing privileges can be passed from committee to committee and at the conclusion of each sunyla we will be able to download and send the documentation from that particular conference for permanent placement at UB.

Google Docs is the proposed system due to its availability and ease of use for both Google and Microsoft Campuses. Also permissions could easily be swapped between planning committees from conference to conference. The SUNYLA archivist would maintain it and make sure that the relevant individuals had access to edit and access materials. If approved we would be looking to implement this plan for the 2023 SUNYLA conference.
Hi all, sorry I can't be there in person!

I've attached the latest report here. We have $11,439.16 in the bank account, and $45,661.69 in paypal, for a total of $57,100.85. There are a few outstanding checks, mainly conference related awards plus a professional development grant for a total of $2,399, but we're still doing fine.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Mark McBride, Library Senior Strategist, will be leaving his position at OLIS/SUNY on June 24.
Best wishes to Mark, and many, many thanks for his long-time advocacy for SUNY libraries!

SUNY System Administration will advise us on the new organizational structure, moving forward.

Event calendar for SUNY Library Services may be found at:

Upcoming events:
Spotlight on SUNY Libraries: Active Learning Strategies - Transforming One-shot Sessions - June 14
Update for OCLC / ALMA Data Sync - June 15

Susan Perry
June 7, 2022
The results of this year’s election are:
1st Vice President/President-elect: Adam Saunders (Morrisville)
2nd Vice President/Conference chair: Jill Kehoe (Maritime)
Secretary: Alana Nuth (Geneseo)

The 2022-2023 terms will begin at the end of the SUNYLA Annual Conference (Friday).

The bylaws change to 12.4.3 was approved by all who voted.

Thanks to Jill Locasio for setting up the ballots in Election Runner!

I will be holding a New Members/1st time SUNYLA Conference attendee gathering today. Join me, Jocelyn Ireland, and Adan Saunders at 5:30 in Gleeson 123. After the meeting, we will walk to the cocktail hour together at 6pm.

Thanks to SUNY Farmingdale for hosting the conference this year. I’m looking forward to a great conference and to serving as the SUNYLA president in the upcoming year.
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